Significance of Creating A Personal Website

Significance of Creating A Personal Website

Are you going to start a business or want to make a unique identity on the internet? Well, creating a personal website can make a lot of difference since it will be all about you. The significance of having a personal website is that you will not have to explain or portray yourself every time to everyone. They just need to visit your website and everything will be available to them.

But the point is what sort of contents should be there? Do you know what are the traits or abilities that you should feature? Normally, your website should tell about your ideas, family, interest, thoughts, feelings, friends, hobbies or abilities that are your strength. Even, you can add your favorite pets, self-written books, television shows, sports, online diaries or poems that talk on your behalf.

You Don’t Need HTML

Most of the people are confused that whether their website should have HTML coding or not. According to web experts, HTML is not necessary for personal websites. Before 1996, the website pages had small files having HTML coding plus JavaScript. They used to be in basic and plain form in which, owners can add a few graphics because the pages have lesser space that take a lot of time to load.

Reasons to Build a Website on Your Own

You might think of hiring for creating a website but if you want to see the visible piece of your ideas or thinking, you should be doing it on your own. Although, you would not have enough skills to get the job done, but you can take help from experts and watch various tutorials that will teach you the basics of building a website.

Constructing a website on your own will yield the following benefits:

  • Since the websites are of dynamic nature i.e. they need to remain updated and can change according to your requirements, you can add anything at anytime you want! You just have to publish your success stories or happy moments to let your contacts know what is happening in your life. This way, people will remain engaged and come back frequently to check what is the current status.
  • Running a person website will help you in approaching a large population, both in personal and practical areas. If you are searching for a job, you don’t have to go out and handover your resume. Instead, you just need to upload it on your website and the employers will be able to easily find it.
  • Having a personal website will help you in creating a unique identity that gives you an advantage over others.
  • When you opt to create website Scotland, you will be able to learn a lot of additional skills that can help in the future. Getting into optimization and customization of website, your knowledge will increase that will make you a preferable asset for future employers.

So, what steps should be followed to create websites Edinburgh? Let’s have a look at them.

Step 01: Register Your Domain and Get Hosting

The first thing is to think of the name of your website and where you want it to be registered. You can either make it an international website or approach a specific area. Even, you have different options for setting up the website i.e. you can go with WP, magneto, etc. But if you are still confused, contact Superbest for expert advice.

After getting your website a legit name, next step will be to find a suitable hosting website that will work as an assistant to successfully run the website. SuperBest recommends you to get hosting from HostGator because it is the most trusted and reliable platform and have various plans to compliment your needs.

Step 02: Install WP and Start Setting Up the Website

Although WordPress was created for blogging, the idea has now changed into a well-supported and useful source to get oneself noticed. When you install WordPress and start setting up your website, it will be quite easier to run it in the way you want.

WP usually takes 5 minutes to install but thinks it’s too long. They have found another method to get it installed within 2 minutes.

Since you have signed up to HostGator, your website will have quick installation options for all Content Management Systems (CMS). Now, how can you use it with WordPress?

  • First of all, you have open the browser and type “” or use the link provided by HostGator to access your domain.
  • Login using the username and password by the hosting website through email.
  • Your cPanel will be in front of your, scroll down to the end of the page and click on QuickInstall.
  • You can make necessary settings or changes as per the appearance and layout you want to see.

Step 03: Selecting a Theme

The best part about using WordPress is that you will have a huge variety of themes to choose from.  You can change the layout of your website as per the nature of your business, no matter if you are having CSS and other graphic design skills or not.

Since WordPress brings frequent changes to its themes and adds new features to its website, you can upgrade the appearance or options whenever needed. Here, the thing to mention is that not every theme will have the same characteristics or abilities as others. Some may be simple, having basic functions whereas, some might have monstrous creations having different animations, extra bells, whistles and post types. Even, there are some themes for specific business types such as restaurants or magazines.

Step 04: Optimizing with Widgets and Plugins

The real beauty of WordPress lies in its plugins that are large or small pieces of codes packaged with the website to improve its functionality. You will find various plugins that can play a substantial role in making your website appealing and attractive. When you opt to create websites Scotland, it is necessary to evaluate what sort of website you need and then come up with a suitable plugin type.

When it comes to installing plugins, you just have to visit the WordPress’s official plugin repository. This way, you don’t have to upload .zip files instead, you can find them on your website’s dashboard and click install! Here are steps you should follow:

  • Go to the dashboard of your website, click on plugins, choose a suitable item and click on ADD NEW.
  • Check details of the plugin and install
  • Once installed, activate the plugin

Note: Plugins are compatible with WordPress installation due to which, you have to be sure about their choice as your personal website will work based on the type of plugin installed.

Why Own a Personal Website?

Now that you are aware of how to create website Edinburgh, it’s time to pay attention to the significance of having a personal site. You can publish or update it whenever and wherever you want, irrespective of how it looks like and which audience you target. You do not need to keep adding content on the web pages- one landing page can do all the work.

Creating a personal website is particularly important for creative, media or digital professionals. If you are among them, personal website can be an important factor in creating a place. As a non-traditional creative person with defined hiring techniques, you should need to have a professional looking website that can explain who you are and why you are here. Even, if you want to start any social work or need to create online community, personal website can be the best source to do that. What else is there when it comes to having a person website? Read below:

  • Branding is in Your Control

Since you will be using WordPress, there are numerous customization options or techniques that can help you in taking care of everything from fonts to text placement and photos. The options are actually unlike LinkedIn profiles where, every person needs to follow a similar format. The themes will literally make your brand as well as personality shine and stand out among the crowd. They will let you create a strong, influencing online presence that will cater attention of visitors and help you in approaching a large population.

  • More Than a Portfolio

Since today’s world prefer to see things on their own, you cannot just say that you can do this or that. You have to prove it or show some proof that yes, you can actually do this! Most of the people have created a separate section, named Portfolio or Expertise, on their personal websites to let others know what makes your work stand out and why it is important for them to hire your services. You can feature success stories or projects that you completed so that future clients or employers can easily make a decision to hire you.

  • Helping Recruiters or Employers

Although 40% companies approach social media to proceed with their screening stage, many of them use informally to keep in contact with the rest of the world. The advantage of running a personal website is that employers or recruiters can easily visit your website, get your resume and call on the basis of their needs to reduce both time and money investments.


Superbest suggests people to at least own their personal websites so that everything about their personality is easily available to future employers and they are in a better position to get a good position in a reputed organization. Once you create website Scotland, things will start to perform in the way you want.

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